If you tell a lie to your parents for going somewhere,That’s cheating .

Don’t worry no one is watching lets just take it & run – My friend that’s cheating.

If you are running from the reality, That’s cheating.

See no one saw i stole it – My friend that’s cheating.

If you know the truth still let everyone live in a lie, That’s cheating.


Everybody  knows – STILL NO ONE CARES

Everday has a new challenge, 

Everyday has new opportunity. 

Not everyone has same problems. Not everyone has a same solution. But everyone has same situation “BAD“. Everyone knows that pain, fear, struggle. Still no one will say, no one will help for your problem. 

That’s called HUMANITY .  


“That Nail was holding weight for years 


Everyone praised the painting,, 


“We are going for playing “,  kid said from the gate

“But where “- mom shouted from kitchen ,

”  In park ” , he whispered ,

Then mom came out & told his friends he will not come to play . His friends gone to the park straight away without saying anything. I was watching this from my rooftop . I smiled & went to my mom & asked her -Can i go outside . Mom saw me & smiled – what happened why are you asking me . I just came back & remembered”” WHEN I WAS A KID””  The biggest fear was my teacher & affcourse my dad . Only thing i hated most was studies. Only thing i loved the most  was dancing & acting. Like all kids i just wanted to become an actor . You too na ?  When i was a kid , june means nani ka ghar . When i was a kid , Never thought i will sleep alone on full bed & sleeping alone in a room was most horrible dream . Now i sleep in seprate room , Now i don’t want to go  relative’s home in  holidays . Now i can spend my whole day with phone without talking to my family members. . . Oh ,,  let me correct it , Now i can waste my whole day with phone without caring about my family members . Now , am writting this & my mom is sitting next to me reading news paper . After posting , will talk to her for a while . . . Oh,,  let me correct it , Will become a kid again & ask her about our relatives , Maybe my childhood will come back for a while .

Try to spend some time with family

Maybe you can live your childhood once again

I know it doesn’t relate , but try , maybe. . . . . . . . .

Share your views, how to live that days again



He is irritating me mom,,, 

He is not letting me to do my work in peace,,, 

Mom, call him now, he is troubling me like hell,,, 

Listen if you are not going, am gonna complaint dad,, 

Well, I think no introduction needed for this relationship. They are clearly enemies of decades, I mean they are brother &  sister. 

Sister, if she is elder, its birthright of brother to trouble her. Yes there is a law in brother’s world that says ” If our sister is shy or silent in home, Its our duty to make her loud & open in home”. But, in this law they haven’t mentioned how we make her loud & open, So, we prefer our own strategy we listen to our heart which says ” Go &  proudly disturb your sister, Make her call mom , Trouble her until she gives you the fear of dad & when she says she will complain dad, don’t take a chance leave her & let her do whatever she wants” 

Now you know why we brothers always disturb you 

Now you know we have a big responsibility to relief you from shyness 

So, before calling mom or dad think about our responsibility 

Think about our relationship 

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Black – not only a colour

Black is not only a colour . It shows the personality of the person, If it being weared by rich in big gathering it symbolises class, If it is weared by poor , No it doesn’t shows the class it shows that he cannot afford colourful dress. Black is not only a colour , it shows the character , some says they love black , but at same time they hate black minded people , they are against black money , they do not support black days, So, they love black only as a colour . But black is not only a colour .

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But always remember BLACK is not just a colour